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Ear Candling, Albert Park & Melbourne

Ear candling is a pleasant, non-invasive treatment that can enhance your state of health. It is used primarily to relieve conditions in the head and ear area, such as sinus problem, compacted ear wax, tinnitus and headaches or simply as an enjoyable means of relieving stress.

The ear candling process is painless and involves using a specially made hollow candle which is held gently on the edge of the ear to create a vacuum in the ear, drawing out old wax, fungus and residues of past infection.

Treatments will generally last about one hour. Clients have been known to report relief from a range of problems including:

  • excessive wax build-up
  • sinus irritation
  • chronic ear infections (in conjunction with other medical treatment)
  • clearing the head before or after a flight
  • fungal problems.

Please contact us to book your ear candling treatment in the relaxed setting at Albert Park Laser and Beauty. We can also help you with electrolysis and a wide range of facial treatments.